Editing and Proofreading Services

Experienced language specialists proofread and edit your texts in Danish and English

Thorough proofreading lifts the linguistic quality and improves the reading experience. We are experts in keeping this promise and ensuring that your communication is professional. We offer world-class editing and proofreading in Danish and English.

Make the route to your audience shorter

A text reaches its audience best when the language is correct, clear and consistent. If there are mistakes with commas and inconsistent language, it can get in the way of the content. If you want to ensure that your texts live up to a high linguistic standard, Korrektur.dk is the right place.

Our proofreaders are all educated in linguistics. Your text is therefore always in the hands of professionals. We always give the name of the person solving your task and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We offer proofreading tailored to your needs

Since 2006, Korrektur.dk has offered proofreading and editing in Danish and English. We guarantee linguistic quality, and we are also happy to help you get your message across. We have experience with most text genres and have literally proofread everything from tattoos to turnkey contracts.

We have experience in many genres

Over time, we have proofread many different genres and have experience with various types of media. Therefore, we also have an eye for ensuring that the language fits with the genre or media so that it has the best possible impact on the target audience. Here is a selection of the different types of task:

  • journal articles
  • PhDs and theses
  • brochures
  • blogs
  • books
  • business documents
  • websites
  • job applications/CVs.

Regardless of what you have written and how good the language is to start with, it is always our ambition to raise the quality. When we edit websites, we always take SEO into consideration.

We offer fast, affordable, professional proofreading and editing

We can smooth out your writing and provide the critical commentary you need to take your text to the next level.

We have an easy-to-calculate pricing system with no surprises, and it is based on two simple things: word count and turnaround time. Get an instant quote and place your order. We offer a Secure, reliable and confidential service.

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High-quality translation solutions

We offer English to Danish Translation Services (and vice versa) at competitive prices by native speakers. Our translations are not only experts of the languages but also have expertise in particular fields like law and medicine. Our translators have a crucial understanding of the nuances of both languages. All our translators speak excellent Danish and are capable of taking part in active dialogue with you about the service you require.

Korrektur.dk also provide certified translations. This can be relevant for documents transcripts of judgment records, or personal documents such as marriage certificates, death certificates, or diplomas.

Learn more about our translation services