Translations to and from English

Translations to and from English

We offer translation services from Danish to English and from English to Danish. We have 12 years of experience in translating to and from English, and we work regularly with various public and private organisations. Thus, we have experience with financial texts, health communication and academic theses as well as other text documents. We demonstrate mastery of both British and American English.

Our translators always apply a very structured approach. We use modern software to ensure and secure smooth coordination, consistency and fast handling of your translation projects.

Need a catchy phrase or a slogan?

We also offer transcreation, which is a deeper, more “creative” process than translation, often used in marketing. A catchy phrase, powerful words or a vivid description can help you better reach your target audience to trigger them to take action.



Always the target language as the mother tongue

Translations are always carried out by a translator whose mother tongue is the target language. This ensures, amongst other things, that the translator has a rich knowledge of the intended linguistic culture, which allows us to make certain that the translation is accurate. You are in contact with the translator assigned to your project; we always put a face to a name.

All translated texts are subsequently proofread by an external colleague with the aim of achieving our mission: to ensure uncompromising linguistic quality, clear language and a consistent tone.

We are happy to provide references/cases from other tasks that we have handled for both public and private organisations.

How much do our translation services cost?

The cost of translation is generally calculated on a per-word basis. The final price of a particular translation is dependent, amongst other factors, on the degree of difficulty presented by the text, its length, target audience, medium and the anticipated turnaround time. Full discretion is standard for us in all of the projects on which we work, and we require all of our employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

You are welcome to contact us with a description of the service that you require and an anticipated time-frame within which you would like it delivered for pricing. Contact us by telephone on (+45) 52 78 10 50 or via our contact form for further information.